San Carlos Library Makeover 2.0 Update


Progress Continues for the San Carlos Library Improvement Project!

Photo of community giving input.

Earlier this year, library and city staff and Anderson Brulé Architects (ABA) presented the conceptual plans to the San Carlos City Council. Approval of the conceptual design moved the project into the design development phase. During this phase, the design was refined further to include identification of materials and finishes. The finalization of finishes was recently completed, and it is now estimated that the construction documents will be completed by early next year.

The San Carlos Library Service Improvement Project will focus on reconfiguring the existing layout to create a more functional library. The project will incorporate environmentally friendly selections consistent with the City’s sustainable guidelines.

Scope of Work

The following scope of work has been identified as improvements:

  • Paint and re-carpet the entire library, incorporating an exciting color palette to define library areas and zones.
  • Improve the Marketplace near the entrance of the library in order to enhance the browsing experience. New shelving will be utilized to allow for greater flexibility and to attractively display popular collections.
  • Update service points, including the location and functionality of the service desk, self-check equipment, and Automated Material Handling System (AMHS).
  • Improve the layout and shelving of the Children’s and Family Place to provide a playful, age-appropriate space that encourages exploration and excitement for reading and learning.
  • Increase meeting space with the creation of The Spot, a place for teens to read, learn and study with their peers. The Spot will be a flexible space that can also be used for library programs and meetings.
  • Improve interior lighting and update furnishings and spaces to focus on flexibility and adaptable solutions for the future.

Photo of the inside of the San Carlos Library.The Final Pieces

In coordination with San Carlos city staff, work associated with the preparation of the final construction plans for planning approval, permitting and bidding, and mapping the construction timeline is presently being developed. A library service plan and notification of the scheduled facility closure will also be developed. Preliminary planning estimates that the library will close sometime in the spring/summer, and that the project would be completed by late 2013.

We are very much looking forward to being able to serve the San Carlos community in our refreshed facility!


Author Bio:

Chet Mulawka is looking forward to displaying new books on the sprout-colored slatwall.

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