San Carlos Library Makeover 2.0


Speak Up: San Carlos Library Interior Makeover

Planning has begun for an interior “makeover” of the San Carlos Library. Why the makeover since the library is practically brand new?

It Only Seems Like Yesterday

While it seems like yesterday that our “new” library was just opened, the fact is we opened in 1999. Construction started in 1997. The bond measure to pay for construction passed some years before that, with the actual design plans stemming from the very early 1990’s. Remember how popular Teal Blue was? That makes our current interior design about 20 years old! 20 years ago we didn’t have the Internet, public computer stations, automated check-out and check-in stations, films on DVD, books available on MP3 players or downloadable media. In the early 90’s we had 2 story hours a week and maybe 2 or 3 adult programs a month. Forget programs for teens- they didn’t exist.

Dramatic Activity

Today the San Carlos Library offers 34 story times, or more, a month, has offered over 200 programs for adults and families this past year, provides 42 work stations equipped with fast Internet connections and MS software programs, offers Wi-Fi connectivity, loans a vast Book on CD, DVD film and CD music library, has a growing collection of downloadable media available, provides coffee and snacks, registers close to 1000 participants of all ages in our summer reading programs, sells a large number of quality used books in our Friend’s book shop, provides spaces for tutors to meet with their students, loans laptops out to library customers and contains a 70,000+ book collection in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Hindi. We’ve managed to maneuver all of these materials and services into our current facility despite the fact it wasn’t designed to house many of these.

Meeting Demand

We wish to continue to meet the demands for more services by San Carlos residents by freshening and rearranging the interior of the library to showcase what we already have and do and add more. A computer training center? A Teen/Tween study space and homework center? A Café? A larger story time space? Interactive Educational Tools for Toddlers? More community meeting spaces?

We Want All Your Ideas!

Come meet with your neighbors at our next community planning meeting for Library Redesign on Wednesday, July 13 7PM upstairs in the conference rooms. Anderson Brule Architects will share what they have accomplished with your ideas from our first community meeting. The Friends of the San Carlos Library will be providing light refreshments. For more information please call 650.591.0341.

Author Bio:

Chet Mulawka has worked in every branch of the San Mateo County Library system and has been with San Carlos since 1996. He is looking forward to not having to move every heavy Wingback chair to make space for musical events and author visits.

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