Rice in a Rice Cooker? So Yesterday!


Photo of rice cooker byTadDonagheMake Breakfast (or Dinner) in a Jiffy

As I write this, I am having breakfast for dinner. I'm noshing on tasty, filling oatmeal. Oh yes, you read right: oatmeal, not Lucky Charms or pancakes or take-out from IHOP. Oatmeal. What inspired this strange meal? A rice cooker.

I love my oatmeal--especially nutty, chewy, steel-cut Irish oats. But since it takes 30+ minutes to cook on the stovetop, it's rarely possible to have it as I scramble out the door every morning.

So when my dad told me he makes his Irish oats in a rice cooker, I just had to try it. That was tonight's cooking experiment. It worked like a charm: it cooked on its own (no stirring!) and the clean-up was minimal. Just like rice! Like its cousin, the slow cooker, it's easy use a rice cooker to Fix-it and Forget-it.

Roger Ebert as Food Writer

A recent New York Times article revealed that film critic and writer Roger Ebert has been doing this exact sort of thing for years, only he's expanded beyond oatmeal territory. His new book, The Pot and How to Use It: The Mystery and Romance of the Rice Cooker, contains meat, fruit, and grain recipes. Ebert describes how the rice cooker, a convenient, economical, and extremely portable device, is perfect for just about anybody--students, soldiers, explorers, mothers and fathers, hermits, artists, and you, reading this post right now.

Can't wait to learn more? Read Ebert's original Chicago Sun-Times blog post that inspired the book.

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Karen Choy, Youth Services Librarian, enjoys oatmeal and Warren Oates movies.

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