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The Daily Journal: San Mateo County's homepageI have a habit of when I browse the internet, I find myself traveling to various news websites just because I like to keep current on events happening around the world and especially locally. I think it is especially important to keep up to date with what is going on with your community. If you want to know what is going on in the San Mateo County area, I suggest bookmarking The Daily Journal: San Mateo County's Homepage as one of your favorite websites to get news about the greater San Mateo Area.

Its Mission is San Mateo County...

The Daily Journal: San Mateo County's Homepage states in its mission statement, " to be the most accurate, fair and relevant local news source for those who live, work or play on the MidPeninsula. By combining local news coverage, analysis and insight with the latest business, lifestyle, state, national and world news, we seek to provide our readers with the highest quality information resource in San Mateo County. Our pages belong to you, our readers, and we choose to reflect the diverse character of this dynamic and ever changing community."

Local News Comes First...

The first thing when going to the website is that The Daily Journal: San Mateo County's Homepagehighlights its local news first. Of course, it discusses news on a world level, but the local news for this website takes precedence because it is aiming to serve the San Mateo County readers. The Daily Journal: San Mateo County's Homepage has various sections like a Lifestyle section in which their readers can view birth announcements, tips for pets and other various things. For the sporting fan, The Daily Journal: San Mateo County's Homepagehas a Sports section in which the readers can keep up to date on the latest sporting news. If you want to find out the latest entertainment news in the Arts/Entertainment section.

Set your Calendar!

One of the best features aboutThe Daily Journal: San Mateo County's Homepage is that they have an Events Calendar in which they ask the readers to submit the date and time of fun events that are happening in the San Mateo County area. It is always a good idea to check out that section to see if there is an event that you want to check out.


Author Bio:

Daniel Ng is an intern at the Atherton and Brisbane Library. He is trying to keep up on current events!

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