PowerPoint, Outlook, QuickBooks, Oh My!


Custom Guide hosts a seriesPhoto of man on laptop by Giorgio Montersino of easy-to-use web-based, self-paced courses that show you how to use computer software programs.

Free Instruction When You Want It

Custom Guide classes are free to anyone with an SMCL library card, and you can work on a class whenever you have the time; you can even stop in the middle of a lesson and return to finish it later.

You can skip around, look for lessons on specific topics you need help in, or take a course from start to finish; the system will even test you first and automatically skip skills you've already mastered.

There are courses on learning to navigate the Windows and Mac operating systems if you're just getting started.

For Work and For Play

There are classes on programs that will be useful in your personal life (iPhoto, iMovie, etc.) along with programs that look great on a resume (SharePoint, QuickBooks, etc.).

You can take classes on the basic Windows suite of programs (Word, Excel, Access, etc.) and can choose from different versions (2007, XP, 2003, etc.).

Custom Guide classes are a great way to help you improve your computer skills whether you're very tech savvy or a little tech phobic.

Photo Credit: Giorgio Montersino

Author Bio:

Nicole Pasini has worked on library programs and collections for teens, children and adults. She likes to knit, sew, write, cook,  and play with computers.


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