Pain Relieving Yoga


Yoga for Pain Relief by Kelly McGoigalYoga for Pain Relief by Kelly McGoigal, Ph.D. is a great book about using yoga to deal with chronic pain. The poses that the author has chosen are very common ones--ones that would be encountered in most yoga classes. She goes into detail about relaxing body parts.

Tense Shoulders?

I especially liked a progression of movements to help with shoulder tension. Following her instructions using the breath, first inhaling during a movement and then exhaling during the same movement, really did bring about a deeper relaxation and greater awareness of where the tension really was.

Suitable for Work

The pictures help and I especially liked that she has shown how to do the different poses and movements using a chair. The use of a chair allows these techniques to be done at work and also helps for people who have difficulty engaging in floor exercise. She includes vignettes about people's pains and their reactions to the pain which were very easy to relate to.

The author's gentleness shines through in this very usable book which would be quite usable for anyone, regardless of their experience or familiarity with yoga.


Author Bio:

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