Oh No What Will I Read Next?


Photo of woman looking for book by All Utah LibrariesHow can I possibly have this problem?

So Many Options

I work in a library surrounded by books which I am constantly checking in, checking out, searching for and arranging. But, alas, it has happened, the dreaded slump--I can't find anything good to read. I feel like a kid who complains of boredom during summer vacation.

Maybe Time for a Switch

I have started many a book in the last two weeks, but have finished only one. Another book is going to be a slow read. I am looking for something to really latch on to. It might mean that it is time to take a break from fiction and go back to non-fiction for a bit.

Notes and Scribbles

On my desk I keep an ever growing pile of slips of paper with books that I might like to read. There are about 125 slips of paper that have been rough sorted into categories with history/biography group having the most titles (twenty-two). Fiction comes in with a respectable nine. Self-help, exercise, fashion has twelve.

Getting Through the Work Day

Two books that related to work are Office Origami: The Highly Successful Slacker's Guide to Workplace Procrastination,  and The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work.

The Unexpected

And then there's the one I initially was totally unsure of. It's called The Wall Street Waltz: 90 Visual Perspectives. After I looked at the library record I realized it is about economic trends. It sounded more interesting when I thought it was a dance step or maybe architectural photographs. So I guess I'll have to put a hold on this one and see what really piqued my interest when I initially saw the book.

Good luck on your quest to find the next good read!

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Author Bio:

Mary Wilmes, Library Assistant at Half Moon Library, has lived in Half Moon Bay since 2000, raising a child, chickens and home-made bread. She enjoys finding unusual books as well as knitting, learning Spanish and playing guitar and piano when she is not reading non-fiction (history, science, medicine, autobiography and fashion) and fiction.

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