New Quick Pick Bestseller Collection!


Quick PickNew Quick Pick Bestseller Collection!

The Friends of the Pacifica Libraries have generously agreed to fund a new Quick Pick collection of bestsellers starting in July 2010! This collection of high demand materials, both fiction and non-fiction, will be available in both libraries and will be a browsable collection of hard-to-find books that sometimes you have to wait months to get.


What’s great about this collection is that it stays in Pacifica for Pacificans. No holds can be placed on these books so they stay in Pacifica and increase the chances that the book you’re wanting to read is right there in front of you! Or the book you’ve heard so much about is right there for the taking!

Starting Out Small

The collection will build slowly over time until it’s a robust collection of popular materials. Eventually, they’ll be converted and interfiled with the regular collection so they won’t go away, they’ll just be available to everyone throughout the system. But we will make sure that as many people as possible in Pacifica get a chance to read them first.

One More Way the Friends Make the Library Better

The Friends of the Pacifica Libraries truly live up to their name--friends to libraries. They sponsor most of the library’s children’s events and programs, provide support for teen and adult programming, and now have moved into collection support as another way to make the library experience in Pacifica top-notch. The library is lucky to have this dedicated group of volunteers and their many financial supporters help to make the library the fun and vibrant place that it is. We urge you to contribute to the Friends--every dime they receive goes directly to you in the form of library services and programs--for example, the Summer Reading Club, coming up soon for all ages, is fully funded by the Friends! Look for their semi-annual book sale coming up later in the year--great bargains and talk about serendipity--I’ve always found great stuff there. Let’s hear it for the Friends!


Author Bio:

Thom Ball has worked in libraries for over 20 years, first managing the PLS Video Center, where he was in charge of the operation including collection development of the video collection, then as a Branch Manager in the San Mateo County Library system as manager of the Atherton, Portola Valley, and Woodside Libraries. Thom has been the manager of the Pacifica Libraries for the past 4 years. Before working in libraries he was a professional musician playing throughout California and the Midwest. Thom still does a Musical Storytime at the libraries to keep his chops up. There are few things more rewarding than playing music, reading stories, and being goofy for a bunch of little kids.

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