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Why is it that so many babies born in the same year tend to have the same names? Like right now, the #1 baby name for girls is Isabella or Bella for short. Hmm . . . got to wonder if there’s a Twilight connection there. What’s next? Babies named Gaga or perhaps Katniss?

Olivia and Noah Made the List. Did You?

Here’s a new time waster, brought to you by the United States government: the Popular Names database. The government keeps track of name stats including:
• Top baby names, by year (2009: Jacob and Isabella)
• Top baby names, by state (California, 2009: Daniel and Isabella)
• The popularity of a name throughout the decades (Mary is one of the most popular of all time)

Of course, this is infinitely more fun when you research your particular birth year. My name, Karen, hit its peak in 1965, and hasn’t really made a comeback since then. But who knows what the future holds.

What’s the Story With Your Name?

Explore some more: find out your name’s meaning (The Mother of All Baby Name Books) or read about the unfortunate names of others, such as Maya Buttreeks and Hugh Jass (Bad Baby Names).


Author Bio:

Karen Choy is pleased this post is brought to you by Karen Choy rather than Jennifer Choy (yep- she was almost named Jennifer, the #1 girl name of her birth year!).


Name Game

Thanks, Not Jennifer! This Popular Names database is fantastic! I could hardly tear myself away!

I am a rare collectible...or at least my name is...

My name ranked 52 in 1880...Dudette, I'm totally old school! Great blog!

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