The Music Continues


Stabat Mater [Sound Recording] by Karl JenkinsOne of the joys of this holiday season is the opportunity to hear so much great English choral music. This year on BBC’s Radio 3, I was able to listen to the service of Carols and Lessons twice. The English choral tradition is very much alive, and if you have any doubts, listen to some of the music composed by Karl Jenkins. Stabat Mater is a very dramatic place to start. You might also try Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary or Diamond Music.

To further satisfy your classical music longings, I suggest streaming music from New York's WQXR. If you’re looking for a regular broadcast station, the Bay Area’s KDFC is a good one for classical music lovers. However, the station is still having transmitter issues, so it's rather hit and miss as to where in the Bay Area you can hear them, or at which dial setting. While they’re working on a solution, you can make an occasional visit to their web site to see what's up.

Whatever your classical music tastes, stop by the library or visit us online to see what's available.


Author Bio:

Joe Toschik is a Public Services Librarian at the Half Moon Bay Library.

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