The Making of the Twin Peaks Soundtrack


I was a big fan of Twin Peaks when I was a kid. I remember it fondly. I was in fifth grade and it was the one thing that my parents would let me stay up late for. That all seems so odd now, but I like to think that not only was I a cool fifth grader, but also that my parents were pretty cool to let me watch it. I guess I was mature enough to handle it or maybe I just didn’t understand what was going on. I didn’t care. It was spooky and weird and pretty darn cool to me at the time.

Making of Laura Palmer’s Theme Song

A friend of mine posted this video on Facebook awhile back and I loved it. Composer Angelo Badalamenti talks about how he and David Lynch composed the theme song to Twin Peaks. There is something really beautiful about this song and I really love the way Badalamenti recreates the scene of how the song came to be. It’s kind of comical, but also amazing to think of them sitting there and just having one of those moments where everything falls into place. “Slower David? Ok.” Badalamenti’s gentle tone cracks me up.

Twin Peaks Definitive Gold Box Edition

If you’ve never seen Twin Peaks, make sure to check out the Definitive Gold Box Edition, which includes every episode of the series. The first season is really strong. Things kind of fall apart a bit in season 2, but it’s still worth watching. It was pretty unique when it first aired and it still is. Log Lady. The pie. The backwards/forwards talking man. Bob! Lots of crazy stuff. Don’t forget to check out the soundtrack too, which is quirky and eerie in a really good way.

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