Long Gone Are the Days of “Rover” and “Fido”

Photo of puppy by -=RoBeE=- When I stumbled upon a NY Daily News article about the most popular dog names of 2010, I knew I had to mention it here at the Collective Brain, where I've written about popular names and dogs before.

Bella Wins Again

As you've probably guessed, "Bella," (of Twilight fame) is not only top choice for babies, but for pooches as well. Here's the top 5 of 2010:

  1. Bella
  2. Bailey
  3. Max
  4. Lucy
  5. Molly

Pickle von Corndog and Friends

While classic names ruled the year, there were some mavericks out there as well. Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. revealed a list of "Wackiest Pet Names," an amusing list to say the least. Included on the list were: Dog Vader, Virginia Woof, Hunkapapa Hunk, Lord Chubby Pruneface, and coming in at #1: Pickle Von Corndog.

Photo of kitten by nicsuzorHey Wait! What About Cats?

Cat owners, for the most part, also stuck with classic names:

  1. Max
  2. Bella
  3. Chloe
  4. Oliver
  5. Lucy

And yes, there were some silly cat names, including Purr Diem, Bing Clawsby, and Chairman Meow.

Adopt a Pet in 2011

Is a new pet joining your family this year? Check out the Peninsula Humane Society for potential pets. In addition to their regular facility, they offer on-site adoptions at local stores, including Pick of the Litter (Burlingame) and Hillsdale Mall (San Mateo).

Then, consult these wonderful pet name books from your local library branch: Don't Call Me Rover!, The Best Pet Book Name Ever, and The Complete Books of Pet Names.

Photo credit: -=RoBeE=- & nicsuzor

Author Bio:

Karen Choy, Youth Services Librarian, owns a cat named Q.

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