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I was still dancing in my seat to the infectious tune of Pharrell Williams’s Oscar nominated song (and I was also stuck at home with an infectious head cold), so I looked it up and learned that it’s on the album G I R L. That CD is very popular and many of the copies are on hold, but there’s a more immediate solution with free music. Happy, Gru’s theme song in the movie Despicable Me 2, is one of the top songs currently on the Freegal site.

Stream 5 Hours Daily

Yes, with a San Mateo County library card (beginning with 29041…), you, too, can stream free music for 5 hours daily. Each time you log in to Freegal with the 14 digit library card barcode, you may access 5 hours of music, monitoring your usage with the timer up in the right hand corner of your screen. On the SMCL website, find the Freegal "Learn More" link to get all the instructions. Creating playlists and saving them is an option, too, although compilation takes some time.

Free Downloads, Too

The extra dividend with Freegal is that one may download 5 songs a week without charge. If you want a whole album, it’s going to take a while so there’s a wish list feature to keep track of what you want. Go on: explore through Freegal’s already composed playlists or by genre or by artist. You’ll use up your 5 hours in no time flat and be back for more tomorrow!


Author Bio:

Karen Y. likes Pandora, with its extensive artist information, but free is fine.

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