Listen Up March 2012


Let's Change The World With Music [Sound Recording (CD)] by Prefab Sprout (Musical group)It’s no secret that I love British bands. This month I’d like to share an album by one of my favorites, Prefab Sprout. Their latest release, Let's Change the World with Music, is actually not new material. Although released in 2009, the music was recorded in demo form in 1992. Taking that into account it does sound dated, but there’s still some wonderful listening to be had. This latest release was to be a concept album loosely based on the intense joy that music can provide. Give a listen to the track I Love Music, and I hope you will agree.

I’ve been a fan of Paddy McAloon’s sweet-as-sugar voice since I heard the song Cars and Girls back in 1988. McAloon has been hailed as “one of the most underrated lyricists of the '80s.” I totally agree. With lyrics like “the unnerving, unswerving Irving Berlin,” how could I not?


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Evie D. was overjoyed to learn that this “lost” album was found.

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