Listen Up! June 2010

In This Light And On This Evening by the EditorsThese are a few albums I took a listen to:

If You Like Interpol . . .

I was not too impressed with the Editors new album titled In This Light And On This Evening. I kept thinking I was listening to an Interpol album and not a good one. Give it a go, let me know what you think.


Contra by Vampire WeekendI Look Psychotic in a Balaclava

Contra is Vampire Weekend's sophomore album. The first single from the album, "Cousins" is getting a lot of radio airplay and I'm still not tired of listening to it. For some odd reason, listening to this album makes me think of that song by Paul Simon called "You Can Call Me Al". . . ??? My favorite tracks are "Cousins", "Holiday" and "Horchata".


Heligoland by Massive AttackMassive Attack at the Warfield!

The last Massive Attack album was released in 2003. Heligoland is definitely a welcome return by this trip-hop collective. There are a lot of guests on vocals on this album as in previous releases. Earlier albums worth looking in to are Blue Lines, Mezzanine and Protection. All are available to check out from SMCL. Massive Attack performed at the Warfield in May, I was there! Listen to "Babel", "Saturday Come Slow", and "Girl I Love You".


Stir the Blood by The Bravery80s Synth Pop Revival

The Bravery's new album Stir the Blood is just so-so. At times I felt as though I was listening to an old record from the 80s. Listen to "She's So Bendable" and tell me if you don't hear a recycled Jesus and Mary Chain song! Worth a listen: "Slow Poison" and "Red Hands and White Knuckles".




 Author Bio:

Evie D., a Bay Area native, works as a Library Assistant at the Foster City Library. She enjoys filling her iPod with new music and obsesses over handbags, live music, and independent films.


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