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Photo of Emmy award.

Award season! It went off with a bang beginning with the Emmy primetime nominations and the words, “The nominees are" . . . We have some of the usual contenders such as Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Dexter for Drama Series.

On the funny side, we have Glee, 30 Rock, and Parks and Recreation up for an award again. No Emmy award show would be complete without nominations for the Daily Show and the Colbert Report.

Oh No, They Didn’t!

There were plenty of upsets so don’t fear that this will be the same show we saw last year. While Glee is once again in the running for Best Comedy Series, where are their lead actors?

Modern Family is showing up strong in Best Supporting Actress and Actor categories. In fact, 4 out of the 6 nominees in the men’s category are from Modern Family . John Cryer from Two and a Half Men and Chris Colfer from Glee round it out. Strangely, Charlie Sheen is missing from this group. Perhaps he’s off “winning” somewhere.

There are two big surprises in the the Lead Actor and Actress for Comedy category. Matt Le Blanc from Episodes –don’t ask, I have no idea what the show is about- and Melissa McCarthy from Mike & Molly- again, no idea- received their first Emmy nominations.

Drama in the Drama Category

There was another huge upset in the Lead Actress for Drama category. Where is Kyra Sedgewick from the Closer? She’s been nominated quite frequently and won last year in this category. This is the final season of the show so no more nominations for her work here, but I anticipate seeing her again in the future for something else. And what’s with Kathy Bates nomination for Lead Actress in Drama Series in that show that no one seems to watch?

Places Everyone!

This year, the host of the 2011 Emmy Awards is none other than Jane Lynch from Glee . She’s funny, talented, and willing to do anything for a laugh so it should make this year’s show pretty entertaining. I’m anticipating another great year of red carpet snafus and acceptance speeches causing some controversy which should ensure some great water cooler talk.

Mark your calendars everyone! The show is set to broadcast live Sunday, September 18th at 8PM Eastern and 5 PM Pacific on Fox.


Who are you rooting for? My picks are Elisabeth Moss and Jon Hamm for Lead Drama and, of course, Mad Men for Drama Series. In the Comedy category, I think, The Office -mostly due to Will Ferrel’s guest appearances -will win the Series category. I’m not sure about the Supporting and Lead categories. It’s pretty tight.


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Rebecca A loves texting with her sisters during award shows to discuss gowns, winners, and losers.


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