Life of the Party


I know talking about people's children, their jobs (the profoundly upsetting coworker, the fascinating project), and gossiping about mutual friends can seem like all there is to the world . . . but there is another topic or two out there.

Blow Their Minds

Surprise your friends with more than amari and savory desserts at your next holiday party--introduce an interesting topic they might not know much about.

Beginner Level

Explore TED (Ideas Worth Spreading) and select a few videos to study. While you're watching, note the presentation styles (they might serve you well back in the work front, but do NOT mention that at your party). Often provocative, sometimes moving, the talks have a way of sticking in your mind.

For Visual Thinkers


View the most recent talks if you think one of your friends is onto this idea but hasn't checked the site recently. Or explore them by category, from jaw dropping to persuasive.

Party's tonight? Limit your choices exclusively to those 3 minutes in length, like this one:

Intermediate Level

Anyone can watch a clip online, but it takes something special to go the next level. Come to the library and augment your newfound knowledge. Read a whole tome or just skim to get the details you need to keep the conversation going.

See what's available in the library now by these featured TED speakers: Chris Abani, Isabel AllendeKaren Armstrong, Robert Ballard, Janine Benyus, John Gerzema, Lisa Margonelli, Stephen Palumbi, Sheryl WuDunn, or Nora York

Remember this is just a small, random(ish) sampling of further materials available to you.

Extra Credit: Apply What You Learn Towards Making an Appetizer

Whip up a conversation-starting appetizer. Yum!


Author Bio:

Carine Risley loves not being bored at parties.

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