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You may know him as Bertie Wooster, from that old British show Jeeves and Wooster, or perhaps as the tall skinny bad guy from 101 Dalmatians. But we all love him best as House M.D. (gibber gibber gibber).

It's Hugh Laurie!

Apart from his extraordinary success as a British actor in an American television drama, Hugh Laurie has displayed talent in almost all other forms of media. Even before he became House he wrote a best-selling novel called The Gun Seller and has also shown off his musical talents whenever given the chance--playing (and singing) "Minnie the Moocher" on Jeeves and Wooster or playing every instrument conceivable as Dr. House.

This has led to his next creative outpouring: releasing a CD of New Orleans-style jazz called Let Them Talk. On it, Laurie plays guitar and piano and sings in a not-very-British voice, following in the footsteps of other English musicians like Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, bands who just wanted to play really good blues.

Laurie has taken his band around, drumming up support for his new cd, very recently appearing at the San Francisco Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival.

An Introduction

Here's Hugh Laurie introducing Let Them Talk on YouTube:


Author Bio:

You may know the author, Josh Pearce, from that big place with all the books, the San Carlos Library.


Aww, it's House's last

Aww, it's House's last season. What a sad time....

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