Just the Facts (and pictures), Ma’am


Photo of Bing site.Changes Every Day

Every day I like to check out Bing to see what the new homepage photo will be. It is usually a stunning, colorful photograph from somewhere around the world. A cool part of this homepage is that the photo is interactive – just scroll over the photo and little boxes pop up with facts that relate to the place or object that the photo depicts.

Take a Break and Mini-Vacation

The previous day’s photos (as well as past week’s and month’s photos) are archived, so you can spend a bit of time checking them out. These images are not interactive, but they are great to look at.


If you want to check out a book from the library to inspire your photography pursuits, or to just look at some really beautiful photographs, check out the titles below:


Author Bio:

Sharon H. has always wanted to take up photography; maybe the time is now!

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