It’s Never too Late to Celebrate National Adopt a Cat Month


June was National Adopt a Cat Month

Photo of a cat by Vie Ascenseur.As an owner of three cats and a self-proclaimed cat lady, I was recently learned that June was National Adopt a Cat Month. Speaking from personal experience, cats are wonderful pets to have and can create a mutually beneficial relationship for both person and cat. So, I have compiled some information (from personal experience and otherwise) for those considering adopting a new pet.

Some Reasons to Consider Adopting a Cat

  • Easy care: I can’t make generalizations, because each cat is unique, and there are many cat breeds out there. However, I have found that if you properly care for a cat, your pet’s health is usually easy to maintain. Cats constantly groom themselves, and if they’re inside cats, they’re less likely to get diseases from other animals.
  • Cats are very independent creatures with a lot of personality! You will feel like you’re adding another family member.
  • They are usually litter-trained and can even be taught to use the toilet! Initially, I had a kitten with litter box problems, but with our support, he changed his habits quickly and now uses it correctly.
  • Cats can be very playful. For some, that can be frustrating. But, I have found that playing daily with my cat keeps my family energized and helps us bond with our furry friends.

If you’re really considering a cat, my suggestion is to complete a lot of research into the characteristics of cats, cat care, and whether adopting a cat will be the best decision for your home. Below is a list of helpful books you can check out to help you make your decision.

It’s Time to Adopt!

Photo of a cat by Glosen Teh.After your research, checking out the local animal shelter to visit the cats is a helpful way to gauge the behavior of cats and find out what cats best interact with your family. Cats have very distinct personalities, so spending time with them in person is extremely important to the adoption process! If it's possible, visiting the cat over a period of time would allow you to bond more closely.

Next, if your cat has not yet been spayed or neutered, getting them fixed is crucial. It only takes one slip outside the door or one meeting with a stray or other cat to create a litter of many little kittens. Quickly, your one-cat home can turn into a boarding house for those of the feline persuasion. Additionally, fixing your cats can help the condition of your home. Cats that are unfixed may “spray” the furniture to mark their territory, yowl constantly for a week, or exhibit other frustrating behaviors during mating seasons.

Know When to Say No

For some of you, adopting a cat may not be the best answer. It could be because of your home, allergies, your children, or even finding a cat that matches your lifestyle. Cats, like any other pet, are a great responsibility, so adopting a cat without research or serious consideration can make for disastrous results. I’ve learned that adopting my own cat means that I can’t ever lock any door in the house, my hairbands are fair game for cat toys, and I have to spend time each day cleaning up the litter box.

If you do say no, you don’t have to say goodbye! Consider volunteering at your local animal shelter or another organization to spend more time with cats while keeping your home cat-free.

Check These Books Out!

Photo credit: Vie Ascenseur and Glosen Teh.


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