If You Were Thrilled by The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


Maybe you ripped through the trilogy by Stieg Larsson, and you’re on the hold list for the Swedish The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film. (Warning: they are quite graphic. Do not watch with children in the area.) Read the San Mateo County Library blog post by Nicole Pasini about series madness.

Spot-On Parody

Nora Ephron in her inimitable style reduced the three books into two pages in “The Girl Who Fixed the Umlaut.”

Want to try a brand new thriller with another “kick ass” woman?

The Informationist : a thriller  by Taylor StevensMeet Vanessa “Michael” Munroe adventuring in Texas and Africa in The Informationist. If you like the tough resourceful survivor, you’ll be glad to know that author Taylor Stevens already has written the second book in the series, The Innocent, about Munroe locating a lost child raised in a cult. The author has to top this all in The Doll, due for publication in 2013.

Compelling Backstory of Author

On the Taylor Stevens Book website, one discovers a fascinating Vogue magazine article. According to the background, Stevens was born into the cult of the Children of God and raised in communes around the world. Her formal education ended in the sixth grade, but Robert Ludlum thrillers provided her inspiration.

Another Complicated Protagonist, New York Detective Mallory

Author Carol O’Connell’s main character is a sociopath, a feral child found on the streets of New York who’s grown into a tall, stylish and ferociously bright woman. Mallory’s Oracle is the first in the series of nine books. I think the reader gets a better sense of Mallory’s world and the people who protect her by reading the books in order.

If you have an online account, go to Novelist on the Research site of the San Mateo County Library to get the right listing, or the Dancing Badger website, which lays out the American and British titles and summaries of all nine books.

Yes to series madness!


Author Bio:

Karen Y. has little in common with these ferocious women characters, yet recommends meeting them in the pages of a book (and not in a dark alley).

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