Holiday Music


I look forward to the All Songs Considered holiday music show all year. It is usually offbeat and often includes a song you've never heard of--which can be nice if you've been listening to the local radio holiday playlist for the last month.

One highlight from All Songs Considered Holiday Music Special 2010  is"At the Timeshare" by The Leevees.

Photo of DJ dressed as Santa by KapungoThe Leevees were also featured for their truly great "How Do You Spell Channukkahh?" on the All Songs Considered Holiday Music 2009 show. You'll find both songs at the library on their album Hanukkah Rocks.

Other interesting songs have included "Must Be Santa" from Bob Dylan's Christmas in the Heart and "Merry X-Mas" from Quasi's When the Going Gets Dark.

New Year's Eve, Heavy-Handed Style

Maybe you have a strict interpretation of holiday music and your cut-off is December 25th at midnight. Not to worry--you can simply create a playlist of every version of "Auld Lang Syne" you can get your hands on (and we have over 60 of them).

Or just play the best one on repeat--that would be the (perhaps not entirely sober) Christmas with the Rat Pack version.

Photo credit: Kapungo

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When Carine Risley takes a fancy to a song, she maintains a tireless (and difficult to deter) interest in it.

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