Hidden Treasures of San Mateo County: The Chateau Corolands


Photo of the Chateau Carolands by ChronicleHere is another wonderful hidden treasure in our beautiful San Mateo County . . . The Chateau Carolands. The chateau is a 98 room architectural masterpiece in Hillsborough, and one of the largest private homes in the United States.

Not Just Large, But Also Significant

More importantly, though, it is a portal into the last 100 years of American history that helped to shape what we know as the San Francisco Peninsula. I perused a book called Carolands Hillsboro: Imperious Survivor and reviewed the DVD  3 Women and a Chateau: A History of Chateau Carolands  (both available through the library) before taking the drive to view the mansion.

It made the experience richer and gave me so much more of an appreciation for its beauty. You can also visit Carolands to get a glimpse of the enormity and exquisite detail of the architecture and grounds of the chateau.

Even More Magnificence

This book will help you explore even more unique structures in our state:  Best of California's Missions, Mansions, and Museums.

Photo Credit: Chronicle


Author Bio:

Barbara is a San Mateo County native, and loves to explore and share its rich history with others. While she has spent a good many years of her life here, she is always discovering new hidden treasures, old & new, and is excited about bringing them to light to the many newcomers to the area.

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