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The Help by Kathryn StockettSince the movie version of The Help debuted in theaters earlier this month, the book (and audiobook) has been more popular than ever. If you haven't read it yet, it's well worth your time. Set in racially divided Jackson, Mississippi during the '60s civil rights movement, The Help is not only a fascinating story about complex characters, it's very well-written.

What Next?

The Help was Stockett's debut novel and many folks are eagerly awaiting her next novel. In the meanwhile, what should a fan of The Help read?

Stockett Suggests

For starters, what inspired Stockett? Woman's Day magazine asked the author to name her "All-Time Favorite Reads." The September issue of the magazine featured her five choices:

NoveList Suggests

The NoveList database recommends these read-a-likes:

What Do You Suggest?
If you have suggestions for what people should read if they liked The Help, please comment below.


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