Got Any Cash or Gum in Your . . . Book?


Photo of Jane Austen purse by Mel B.You may have heard about making wallets out of duct tape, but have you seen purses made out of books?

I just about fainted when I first saw this gorgeous (and expensive) clutch by Kate Spade.

A quick internet search produces tons of other bookpurse options from Etsy and other independent craft stores. So many are creative and even a bit more affordable than the Spade splurge.

Sew . . . Make It

But let's say you get really into this idea and what to make your own. Maybe you have a favorite book you want to use or want to customize it with a certain handle or fabrics.

Behold! Instructions Galore

Book: Alter This!: Radical Ideas for Transforming Books into Art by Alena Hennessy. This children's book not only shows you how to make a book purse, but also demonstrates how to create pop-up books, shadow boxes, and picture book frames.

Online: Here's easy-to-follow instructions on how to make your own bookpurse courtesy of the inspiring Bay Area Hungry Panda Clothing blog.

Or, check out a video tutorial by Curbly.

In this straightforward video, a male instructor takes you step-by-step through the process of making a space invader-themed handbag. At the end of the tutorial, he says, "Clearly, I'm a dude and don't have an immediate use for a tiny little handbag, no matter how sweet it is, but this makes a great project you can do with kids or give it to a wonderful woman in your life." Thanks, dude!

Good luck and happy sewing!

Photo credit: Melissa Wiese (Mel B.) via Flickr


Author Bio:

Karen Choy is the Youth Services Librarian in Half Moon Bay.

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