Get Through Your Morning Commute with an Audiobook!


Photo of traffic on freeway by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious.I commute about an hour everyday to get to and from work. When I first started commuting, I listened to one of my many playlists on my iPod, but after over a year of this, I decided to try listening to an audiobook.

Start off with an Old Favorite

Since I had never listened to an audiobook before and wasn’t sure if I’d have the attention span for it, I decided to try something I’d read many, many times. If you’ve read my blogs before, I’m sure you can guess…I checked out the Harry Potter series from the library. I had heard rave reviews about the narrator, Jim Dale, and was not disappointed! Dale is amazing! The Harry Potter books have a lot of characters, but Dale had different voices for each and every one. I found myself picking up on different things I hadn’t noticed when I’d read the book myself. I also found that the comedic elements were even funnier with his voices and sound effects.

What to Listen to Next?

I finished listening to the final Harry Potter book last week. Listening to that one while driving was probably not the best idea, as I found myself crying through my commute the last 200 pages or so. I’m debating what to read next. I so enjoyed Jim Dale’s narration and would like to listen to some of the other books he’s read, like The Night Circus. The San Mateo County Libraries have an extensive collection of audiobooks, so I’m sure I’ll have no trouble finding something else to listen to!

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Author Bio:

Stephanie C immensely enjoyed listening to the Harry Potter books on her commute. She strongly urges you to pick up a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, in book or audiobook format, if you haven’t had a chance to read the magical series!


The Giver

I really enjoyed The Giver audiobook. It's great for late night drives in the dark. I listened to it going back and forth from Half Moon Bay and the dark winding roads often added to the experience, especially the scene when he receives the memory about the elephant. It was pitch black, pouring rain, and the terrible sounds when he receives that memory were totally creepy.

Thanks for the suggestion! I

Thanks for the suggestion! I like all the sounds you get on audiobooks that you have to imagine in your head when you're reading!

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