The Future Is Here!


This morning, as I rode my hoverboard to get a jolt of organic ostrich oxygen at my local refueling kiosk, I caught myself reminiscing on the good old days I spent working at a public library.

Book carts with wheels. Stationary shelves. Novels printed on paper. That ever confusing Dewbert Decimal system. Card catalogs. Newspapers. Ha, actual newspapers! Those were the days.

Back then a hoverboard was just fictional fluff you’d see in movies like Back To The Future. People drove cars on the ground. We still believed the moon was made of cheese. Those really were the days.

Oops. Too Far Into the Future.

OK, so maybe we’re not at the point of hoverboards and ostrich oxygen, but many libraries have definitely stepped into the modern world.

Most libraries have done away with physical card catalogs and have moved towards an online catalog that keeps track of items in real-time. Many libraries are offering a steadily growing collection of e-books and various other digital resources.


Heck, when I walk up to the front doors of the Millbrae Library, the doors magically open as if they know I am there! Not too shabby. Ok, enough with the jokes.

The next time you’re at the library try out one of our automated self-check machines. They are quick and easy, so you can skip the line and be on your way.

The San Mateo County Library system has also been testing out a new Automated Materials Handling System that allows patrons to instantly clear items from their account and obtain a receipt for their returns. The machine will then take the items and pre-sort them into bins, allowing staff to get those items back on the shelves faster.

You can try it out for yourself at the following libraries: Millbrae, Belmont, San Carlos, and Foster City.


Author Bio:

Tommy M. will only breathe organic ostrich oxygen. He also loves Back to The Future. He loves old things as well as new things and finds the library to be a charming combination of those two worlds.


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Thanks, Tommy. Could it be that someone actually read my blog post on the history of libraries and responded to it? In any case, yours is interesting. Am hurrying to buy stock in an ostrich farm.

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