Free Maker Faire Events at the CSM Library


CSM Library MakerspaceCelebrate National Library Week

The week of April 15 is National Library Week and, to celebrate, the CSM Library will be hosting a mini Maker Faire of their own, the CSM Library Makerspace. Maker Faire is an annual Bay Area event for DIY projects and hands-on crafting, hosting displays and workshops on things such as Tesla Coils, remote-controlled battleships, lock-picking, bookmaking, etc.

DIY Workshops for the Whole Week

At CSM, they're bringing the fair to you, with free workshops throughout the week. Join in a collaborative string art installation, or contribute to the mobile magnetic poetry board.

  • On Monday the 15th, CSM librarians will demonstrate how to make your own stitch-bound book.
  • Tuesday the 16th is National Library Workers' Day and you can yarn bomb a book cart.
  • Wednesday the 17th has a series of tech lectures about Smartphone and tablets, eBooks and audio books, and projectors and optics.
  • Free jewelry making on Thursday the 18th -- create a necklace, earrings, or a leather cuff.
  • The CSM Engineering Club has their own brand-new 3D printer, and they're eager to show it off. Come by the CSM Library on Friday the 19th for a demonstration, or you can make a terrarium instead.

For more information on these events, and for a complete schedule, visit the CSM Library's Web site.

Can't make it out to the CSM LibraryMakerspace? Don't worry, we have great books that can give you ideas for DIY projects.


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