Fool's Assassin


In the Beginning

Assassin's Apprentice by Robin HobbIn High School, I found a little book called Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb and I devoured it from cover to cover. It was a tale of a boy named Fitz growing up in a court full of war, back-stabbings, and magic, of flawed heroes and a mysterious all-seeing Fool. It was enthralling and I loved the characters, perhaps even more for their flaws and mysteries. So I grabbed the next book, and then the next. The magic that lurked just under the surface of their world ignited my imagination, blending both the mystical and the natural. I wanted more.

Luckily, I realized there was a second trilogy, so I snatched that up too and blazed through them. And then, it was over. I wanted more, but there was no more to come! So, like any die-hard fan, I read through them all over again, finding more and more about the characters that I loved, and even some insight into the characters that I disliked.

But still, I wanted more, so I picked up the Liveship Traders trilogy and ran through it. But while events took place in the same world, it wasn't in the same lands nor did it revisit my favorite characters, thus not holding the same sway over my imagination. I tried leaving their world completely through the Soldier Son and Rain Wild Chronicles, but to no avail. I missed the Six Duchies with its Fitz and Fool!

A Long Time Coming

And then when I had just about put aside all hope of ever reading more about these two amazingly compelling characters, I read a blog post from the author herself on Goodreads. It had a photograph of an innocent bound stack of papers with the title: The Fool's Assassin. It's been eleven years since I read about Fitz and his Fool, and FINALLY, we get to see what happens next! I have to admit that simply seeing that pile of papers made me extremely excited. A cover and excerpt had me giddy.

This newest book will be released in August, so if I've grabbed your interest through my rant, you probably have just enough time this summer to delve into a world of assassins and romance, political intrigue and portents, and friendships and changing the fate of the world. There's enough summary at the start of each trilogy to skip around, but I really recommend starting at the beginning of this amazing series. So, try one, but be ready to order the next!

Here's the (Chronological) List!

Farseer Trilogy:

Liveship Trader Trilogy:

Tawny Man Trilogy:


Author Bio:

Jenna V. recalls being let into the adult library due to having read everything in children's. After a slew of adventure and spy books (Clive Cussler and Ian Fleming, respectively), picking up Magician's Gambit opened up a whole world of fantasy to her that hasn't really let up since.

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