Favorite Holiday Movies


I'll Be Home for Christmas a Walt Disney PictureSince it came out in 1998, every year around Christmas, my family sits down and watches I’ll be Home for Christmas. My mom first took my sister and I to see it the theater the year before, because I was at the height of my Jonathan Taylor Thomas crush, but the movie soon became a family favorite for its funny plot and many, many quotable lines.

Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You

If you’re looking for a little romance this holiday season, check out The Holiday or Love Actually.

In The Holiday, Cameron Diaz in Los Angeles and Kate Winslet in England, decide to switch houses for a week. Journeys to find themselves and romance ensue to the brilliant Hans Zimmer soundtrack.

Love Actually is a favorite among my friends and I for the fabulous cast, multiple interacting storylines, and somewhat realistic portrayals of love.

A Newer Family Favorite

Eight years after seeing I’ll be Home for Christmas in the theater, my family went to see The Family Stone over the Thanksgiving holiday. It instantly became another family favorite that we have watched over and over again the last few years. The movie is hilarious at times, and a tearjerker at other points. It will get you in the mood for the holiday season and will also make you thankful for your family!


Author Bio:

Stephanie C. loves the magic of the holiday season. She looks forward to watching holiday movies, decorating the tree, singing Christmas carols, and buying Christmas presents all year long!

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