Irish Account of Survival


Photo of Michael Patrick MacDonald by David BartolomiEaster Rising: An Irish American Coming Up from Under by Michael Patrick MacDonald is a biography of growing up in South Boston just after school desegration (the mid-60's).

Escape into Music

It is a story about surviving against incredible odds. The author's family has multiple tragic events occur (including four deaths) and MacDonald tries to cope by escaping into the punk music scene of the 70s.

Sent Back to the Old County

The book relates the coming together of his historical and cultural backgrounds as he is black-mailed into going to Ireland by his grandfather, this being the only way he can get money to get back to the U.S.

There is a lot of sadness in this book, but some great laughs as well. The characters he encounters in the punk music scenes are hilarious. But it is the stories of his mother that are the funniest and the most touching.

A grand read, as the Irish would say.


Author Bio:

Mary Wilmes, Library Assistant at Half Moon Library, has lived in Half Moon Bay since 2000, raising a child, chickens and home-made bread. She enjoys finding unusual books as well as knitting, learning Spanish, and playing guitar and piano when she is not reading non-fiction (history, science, medicine, autobiography, and fashion) and fiction.

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