Digital Storytelling Public Presentations!


California of the Past: Digital Storytelling ProjectThe California of the Past: Digital Storytelling project in Pacifica and the Coastside will be holding eagerly anticipated public presentations in June 2010 at the two Pacifica Libraries. The libraries have gathered over 30 stories from Coastside residents (with more coming in all the time) and we are ready to unveil these compelling recollections to one and all.

Two Saturdays in June

The first of our public presentations will be on Saturday June 5 from 5pm-7pm in the Community Room of the Pacifica-Sharp Park Library.
Our second presentation will be held on Saturday June 26 from 6pm-8pm at the Pacifica-Sanchez Library. All are welcome!

Digital Archiving of Life as It Was Really Lived

Come see the deeply touching, amusing, compelling, and meaningful stories lived by Coastside residents. Each story is between 3-5 minutes long and is a personal recounting of a meaningful event or time in individual lives.

The projects implement technology to preserve and protect moments in history often overlooked by textbooks, histories,  and biographies. If you've ever wondered what is was like to live in a particular period of time--these recollections are invaluable windows into life on the California Coast (told by living residents in their own words).

Still Time for You to Tell Your Story

The project may receive additional support and we plan on keeping the recording equipment until December 2010. There is still time for you to record your story for the project and preserve an important part of life here.

Each participant not only has their story published on the project web site but also receives a personalized DVD of their story to keep and pass on to their relatives as a permanent keepsake-–think of your great-great-grandchildren being able to see you and hear your voice and to learn something meaningful about you in your own words. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Who Do I Contact?

In Pacifica, contact: Kim Day, 650.355.5196, to make an appointment to come in and tell your story.

In Half Moon Bay and surrounding environs: contact Joe Toschik, 650.726.2316,

Be sure to bring some photos, movies, sound tracks--whatever supporting materials you want to share to embellish/ enhance your story and to provide context and texture.

We look forward to adding your story to this rich and entertaining collection!


Author Bio:

Thom Ball has worked for the San Mateo County Library for 11 years, first managing the Atherton, Portola Valley, and Woodside Libraries. He has been the manager of the Pacifica Libraries for the past 5 years. Before working in libraries he was a professional musician playing throughout California and the Midwest. Thom still does a Musical Storytime at the libraries to keep his chops up. Few things are more rewarding than playing music, reading stories, and being goofy for a bunch of little kids.


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