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Are you fascinated by animals? Then you might like to check this out: Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology recently completed digitization of the Macaulay Library, a comprehensive archive of audio and video animal recordings. The focus is on birds, but mammals, reptiles, amphibians, arthropods, and fishes are well-represented.

Listen to the Animals!

Photo of walrus by Rebecca Yale.Libraries do a lot more than collect and loan out books. Archive libraries like this actively seek out rare and specialized types of information, and organize them for easy and accessible usage. Researchers use the archive, and recordings end up in museums and educational films as well. Now you can use it to satisfy your curiosity about what a walrus sounds like underwater, or get silly listening to a laughing kookaburra.

This Cornell blog post talks about the archive and points out a few highlights of the collection.

Here’s a handsome Prevost’s Squirrel munching on some fruit in Indonesia. Or how about an encounter with a curious river otter? Look around the archive yourself, and let us know what your favorites are!

If you want something a little more tangible than a website, check out these Audubon bird videoguides from the library, which are a great way to learn identification of different species.

Photo credit: Rebecca Yale


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