Christmas Movies: Beyond the Basics


Christmas in Connecticut by Warner Bros.Most of us are familiar with classic Christmas movies such as Miracle on 34th Street, It's A Wonderful Life, and the various versions of Dicken's A Christmas Carol.

Here are a few further ideas for your holiday viewing. All of these are on DVD and are part of the San Mateo County Library collection.

Christmas in Connecticut (1945)
A famous food writer (Barbara Stanwyck) lies about living on a farm, raising her children and being a good cook.
In reality she is an unmarried New Yorker who can't boil an egg. When her editor says she will spend Christmas with an heroic sailor (Dennis Morgan), her job is on the line.

Christmas Story (Finland, 2007)
How did Santa become Santa? According to Finnish folk legend, hundreds of years ago in Lapland, a little boy named Nikolas lost his family in an accident. To show his gratitude to the villagers who took him in, he decides to make toys for the children of the families as goodbye presents at Christmas, thus creating a legend that would be carried on from generation to generation.

Holiday Inn (1942)
A song and dance man (Fred Astaire) and his former partner (Bing Crosby) leave showbiz to run an inn that is only open during holidays. The two find themselves competing for the affections of the same lovely lady (Marjorie Reynolds). The movie has twelve songs by Irving Berlin, written expressly for the film, the most notable being "White Christmas."

The Man Who Came To Dinner (1942)
When acerbic critic Sheridan Whiteside (Monty Woolley) slips on the front steps of a provincial Ohio businessman's home and breaks his hip, he and his outlandish entourage take over the house during the Christmas holidays.

The Bishop's Wife (1947)
Cary Grant plays an angel sent to earth at Christmas to work things out between a harried bishop (David Niven) and his neglected wife (Loretta Young), but instead the wife begins to fall for him.


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