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FML Culture Event #34 - Waterways of the Tsars


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For 13 days, the facilitator of this talk - Paul Hsieh and his wife Ann, boarded a large size river boat operated by Viking River Cruise, the largest river cruise company in the world and travelled from Moscow all the way to St. Petersburg. The journey was named: Waterways of the Tsars. While Mr. Hsieh is not an expert about Russia, he spent considerable amount of time doing the study before the trip, taking notes and asking questions during the trip, and organizing what he has learned after the trip. In this FML Culture Event, Mr. Hsieh will present what he has learned as a tourist from this trip.

Advantages of river cruise is that its pace is not rushed and there are plenty of opportunities to engage in discussions about various topics: people, politics, economies, even memories of the by gone Soviet time. A casual vacation tour can be a rewarding learning experience, Mr. Hsieh’s presentation will attempt to prove this particular point. Come, not only to hear the talk, but also to participate in the discussion. This program is conducted in Mandarin Chinese.

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Saturday, 05/23/15 at 2:00 pm
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