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FML Culture Event #36 - “Ottoman Empire”

Its impact on Chinese History & Today’s Geopolitics

"The Turkish tribe first appeared in the Chinese records during Chin dynasty as Hsiung-nu (匈奴 200 B.C). In Tang dynasty, Turks are referred to as Tu-Kue (突厥, 600 AD). The Turk/Ottoman Empire lasted from the late 13th century to 1923 (through dynasties of Yuan, Ming, Ching, and Republic of China). Together, we will explore the rise and fall of the empire, its transformation and impact on modern history, culture, religions (Islam and Christianity), and geopolitics.”

Our speaker, Mr. George Wang, an alumni of NCUAAnc, was once stationed in Iran for a Bay Area business. He was fascinated by the rich history of the region and has spent long hours reading and studying topics related to Ottoman Empire.

This talk will be conducted in Mandarin Chinese.

Contact: George Wang (

Saturday, 08/22/15 at 2:00 pm
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George Wang
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Book Club

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