The Census is Coming! Errr, The Census Has Come and Gone?


Photo of census volunteer by adria.richardsIf you missed our  March 22, 2010 through April 19, 2010 US Census  Question Answering Center (QAC)  at the Pacifica-Sharp Park Library, it isn't too late to be counted.

Knock, Knock

Census Takers will be going door to door now through July, and it's important to open your doors to them. To find out more information about the process, explore the detailed Census website.

Although the Census is ostensibly a data-gathering exercise, many important aspects of civic life are dependent on an accurate count of population, not the least of which is Congressional representation.

Congressional districts are determined by the census count and if California undercounts its residents then our representation in the House of Representatives is affected accordingly.


Other funding issues are determined by the census count as well: transportation and roadway planning, election planning and site placement, police and fire allocations, and much much more. You can easily see how critical it is that we get an accurate count so that vital resources are not diverted to other areas based on erroneous data.

The Census Bureau has made it very easy to fill out the form this year. Their slogan for this campaign is "10 Questions in 10 Minutes."

So please take the 10 minutes to answer the census questions.

Thanks! We all depend on it.

Photo Credit: adria.richards


Author Bio:

Thom Ball has worked in libraries for over 20 years: first managing the PLS Video Center, where he was in charge of the operation, including collection development of the video collection; then as a Branch Manager in the San Mateo County Library system as manager of the Atherton, Portola Valley and Woodside Libraries. Thom has been the manager of the Pacifica Libraries for the past 4 years. Before working in libraries he was a professional musician playing throughout California and the Midwest. Thom still does a Musical Storytime at the libraries to keep his chops up. There are few things more rewarding than playing music, reading stories, and being goofy for a bunch of little kids.


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