Celebrate the Year of the Snake


Year of the SnakeThe Chinese New Year is upon us once again and this year we celebrate the Year of the Snake. Also known as the "Spring Festival," the Chinese lunar new year is a time for celebrating with food and family and for honoring ancestors. And for lucky children in San Francisco, it's also a school holiday!

Traditionally, at Chinese New Year, families will thoroughly clean their homes to sweep away bad fortune and make room for new good luck. Many families also give children "lucky money," red envelopes that hold a crisp new one dollar bill, symbolizing prosperity for the coming year. And like many holidays, food is an important part of the celebration. Some traditional favorites include long noodles, whole fish, and sweet red bean soup.

Learn more about the Chinese zodiac and how to cook some of the traditional foods for the holiday with some of these picks from our catalog:


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Brighid Gonzales is a Brisbane Library intern and loves any holidays involving great food.

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