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Growing Up With Martial Arts Films...

Enter the Dragon poster.When I was young, I remember my uncle at a family party was flipping through the channels and he saw that the movie Enter the Dragon was on television. I remember stopping everything I was doing and my eyes were fixed on the television watching the pioneer of martial arts films, Bruce Lee. From that point on, I was a huge fan. I learned that Bruce Lee was more than just a martial arts teacher, he was also a philosopher, a teacher, director, film writer and the creator of his own form of martial arts called Jeet Kune Do. For a Chinese kid growing up, he was a hero and a cultural icon because he wanted to show the world the beauty of the Chinese culture through his films.

Ip ManIp Man's Life In Film...

Recently, at another family party, the same uncle, who is a martial arts film connoisseur, asked me if I watched the movie Ip Man. I told him that I had not, and he said that it was a movie that had to be watched for any fan of Bruce Lee. It turns out that this movie was about Bruce Lee's teacher, Ip Man (or Yip Man) who also had a very remarkable life that was made into a film in China. This dramatized version of his life follows his life as a wealthy, humble martial artist in the city of Foshan, a hub of Chinese martial arts. However, during the Japanese occupation of Foshan in 1937, Ip Man loses everything, as the Japanese take over his house to use as their head quarters. He is forced to relocate his family to a decrepit house and has to work in a coal mine to support his family. When the Japanese General begins hosting martial arts tournaments intended to humiliate the Chinese and show that the Japanese martial arts form of Karate is superior, Ip Man is drawn out and force to fight not only for his life, but for the pride of a nation.

An Inspiring Martial Arts Film...

This is an extremely entertaining movie and if you love the martial arts genre, I believe that you will love this movie. Ip Man  is a revered man in Chinese culture because he was the man that shaped one of the greatest heroes in Chinese culture, Bruce Lee. It turns out that he had an incredibly remarkable life himself.


Author Bio:

Daniel Ng is an intern at the Atherton and Brisbane Library. He loves a good martial arts film!

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