Best Books of 2010


The Best of 2010OK, last month we gave you suggestions for gift books for other people. Now that you’ve given them the books and then taken them back to read yourself because you were the one who really wanted them, here are some Best Of Lists for 2010.

Publishers Weekly Picks

PW Best Books of 2010: “This year we took our annual slugfest to the pub underneath our new office and came up with a list of the year's top 100 books that could be our best ever. It wasn't any easier with a drink in hand to pick, and agree upon, the best books of 2010, but we did it.” 

Amazon's Picks

Amazon Editors Top 100: “As Books editors at Amazon, we read all year with this page in mind. We're always asking ourselves, "Is this a keeper? Is this one worth telling people about?" And here is our chance to collect those books that made us say, "Yes." These are the books we've been telling each other about all year…”

New Yorker's Picks

A Year in Reading: Reviewer's Favorites from 2010. 

HuffPo's List of Picks 

The Huffington Post's meta-list is made up of many sources. “The lists are up, the decisions are out: publications across the globe have selected their favorite books of 2010. From Jonathan Franzen's Freedom to Patti Smith's Just Kids, there were many predictable picks across the board and some surprises, too.”

Reserve the ones that appeal to you or come in and browse them.

Author Bio:

Vaughn Harrison works at Half Moon Bay Library and on the Bookmobile. She is still reading the best of 1936.

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