Best Audiobooks of 2010


Photo of man with headphones by whatleydude.I like audio books--they’re great for making commutes, car trips, and chores fly by pleasantly. I’m a picky listener, though--if the reader is grating, or even just uninteresting, I’ll stop listening, even if it’s a book I’ve been looking forward to reading and have been hearing great things about. Even with a good reader, some books don’t translate all that well to audio, so I really depend on reviews to help me pick out good recordings. Luckily, the end of the year is always rife with “Top Ten” lists of everything imaginable, including audiobooks.

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At your library, you can find books on CD, Playaways (pre-loaded MP3 players), and eAudiobooks. Go find something great to listen to!

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Nicole Pasini has worked on library programs and collections for teens, children, and adults. She listens better than she talks.

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