Babette’s Feast


Food is Sustenance. Food is Culture. Food is Life!

Babette’s Feast film still by MGM Studios.Many filmmakers have paid tribute to this most universal of all human experiences, and the Foster City Library is pleased to screen some of their works. Next month, the Food and Film series will kick off with Babette’s Feast, the first Danish film to win an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Babette’s Feast

Based on a short story by Isak Dinesen and set in 19th Century coastal Denmark, this 1987 classic introduces two older sisters who have spent their lives overseeing the Protestant sect their father founded. When Babette, a refugee from war-torn France, comes to their remote seaside village to find work and shelter, they take her in as cook and housekeeper.

For fourteen years Babette cares for the sisters faithfully and modestly, preparing austere local dishes such as bread soup. When she unexpectedly wins the lottery, she insists on using the money to prepare a feast of French cuisine in honor of the 100th birthday of the sisters’ father.

Oh, what a feast it is! So decadent and varied, the pious villagers fear its sensory corruption.

Watch the Film at the Foster City Library

Please join us for this wonderful film, a tribute to the sensual delights of food, love, and life. And please be on the lookout for the next film in our series.

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