"And did those feet...?"


For the past couple of months, a song has been going around in my mind. No, it's not the usual brain worm. It's William Blake's "Jerusalem."

I hadn't paid much attention to Blake's poetry since college, but the mention of this poem in an article made me curious to the point where I went to YouTube to watch it. This in turn led me to want to reread Blake's poems, and I found a couple of good collections. The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake and Poems and Prophecies are two examples.

Blake was an artist as well as a poet, and some examples of his better known works can be seen on the web. If you prefer an electronic collection of Blake's poetry, several books are available from Overdrive.

Whatever the format, give Blake a try. There are worse things to have rattling around in your brain.


Author Bio:

Joe Toschik is a librarian in Half Moon Bay.

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