Up, Up, Up in the Air


Photo of view from plane by contraptionGood News

I’m going to Italy!

Bad News

I’m going to Italy, and I have to fly.

Irrational, I Know

I know my fear is irrational. My father is a pilot of a personal aircraft (which I have flown in many times; oddly, with less fear than a larger plane). In all my 40+ years (I could add a few more pluses, but I won’t), I haven’t seen a plane accident at SFO; which I have lived near all my life.

Rooting Out the Cause

I have been reading books and searching online for a cure. One book that has helped is The Fearless Flier's Handbook: Learning to Beat the Fear of Flying with the Experts from the Qantas Clinic.

I also found two online courses that have been very helpful; one is free, the other is quite costly. The free one is great and can be found at Fear of Flying.  Because the second online course is too costly ($200 on up!), I just joined the chat room for free. The program is called SOAR, and you can find it here.


I have learned that once I am on a plane, I’m traveling safer than any other mode of transportation. I have learned that planes don’t just fall out of the sky. I have learned that I can face my fears, because in doing so, the whole world opens up to me.

I think I’ll just check out a copy of Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying, and sit back and enjoy the ride.


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Author Bio:

Sharon H. is excited to travel with her family and eat the best pasta in the world.

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