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Voter Information: Making Your Decisions


Election 2012There are 11 (count them, 11) propositions to vote on in California, not to mention the presidential election and countless local seats and measures.


There is a great deal of information out there, but some of it can be rather agenda driven. Information to evaluate includes the mailers sent to your home, the endorsements by the daily and weekly newspapers, the major party endorsements, and more.

Three Resources to Try

Pacific McGeorge Capital Center for Public Law and Policy’s California Initiative Review
A “non-partisan, objective publication of independent analysis of California statewide ballot initiatives.”

This League of Women's Voters site "provides nonpartisan information on elections and voting. Our goal is to offer the complete list of all contests on your ballot including local offices."

California Living Voters Guide
"A nonpartisan guide powered by the wisdom of California voters," the site invites you to weigh in with your thoughts about the propositions and to see what other voters are thinking.


Author Bio:

Carine Risley is still making up her mind.


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