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Imagine - New Library

Personally, I like the existing library and it does not strike me like it is running out of space or overrun with patrons.
I don't see the need for this in the middle of financial crisis as we have.
Libraries are being downsized or closed everywhere. Keep the money to pay existing costs. Even if the building is funded from another fund, I'm quite sure operating costs will go up (utilities, cleaning, landscaping, etc., etc.).
Quite frankly, Atherton may not have the population required to support a brand new larger library. Redwood City library is not far and books from San Mateo libraries can be transferred to the Atherton Library. That is a fine use of current resources. Atherton should not "imagine" delusions of grandeur and keep the current Library as a charming and small "gateway" into the San Mateo County system.

Thank you for listening.

Laurent Mayer
65 Wilburn Ave
Atherton, CA


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