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please don't spend the money- unless......

the teen zone has walls and computors. preently librains spend time separating and quieting kids playing computor games. a walled room would save staft time and keep the place quiet.
more parking is needed, and room for atleast 5 spAace s is wasted in the present arrangement. the parking restictions put into place by woodside, and the use of the school parking lot(across street) by bus serveice to weddings aand parties on saturdays(although no fault or control of the library) decrease the parking. where will magizine back copies be kept(concumer reports)?
more books-sheleves are great- more desks and chairs are not. Redwood city library hasd a good reference section, which can not be replaced by "online" without sbscriptions to several sites to get info that was avalible on the shelves( some could even be checked out-even tech books that are ouit of print.)Now there are just chairs- what a waste of library space!


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