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Teen zone

Hi Ed,
The Teen Zone is open on one side: I think there were a few folks at the charrette who talked about walling it up, but the majority liked it open. As far as computers, we'll have laptops that can be checked out and used in the Library; so kids could use them in the Teen Zone, but it won't have dedicated computers. A big reason for that is the space limitation: the teens will be getting about 150 sq feet of dedicated space, and to make a dedicated computer station that's ADA compliant would take a healthy chunk of that. We really wanted to keep things flexible, so with those laptops the space can be used for computers or anything else we need.
The magazines will be in that lounge area in the back, they'll have their own space kind of like they do at Portola Valley Library if you've had a chance to check it out.

Adding parking would be awesome, trust me, half the time there is something going on in Woodside even I can't get a parking space close to the Library: but the parking lot was redone within the last ten years. At the time the layout for it was done I think it was decided to not go for absolute maximum spaces, but to leave some areas for native plants too. If I tried to get it redone this soon someone would probably come after me. Also the scope of the project was really limited to the interior of the building, so we've been trying to keep to that limitation.

Some good news: the collection size isn't being reduced, it will be the same. That's pretty good because the collection at any time is between 28,000 to 32,000 volumes or 3.5 to 4 volumes per capita; the California average for libraries is 1.97 items per capita.

Thanks, if anybody has any more questions or comments, I'll try to get on here and reply sooner - Alan Couch Woodside Branch Manager


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