Computers and Software Frequently Asked Questions

You can now create, open and save files on the Library’s public computers. Files can be saved to a USB flash drive. The flash drive must be plug/play for Windows XP. USB drives are usually mapped to the E or F drive.

You can print documents and files. The first 3 pages are free and $.15 per additional page. Color printing is also available for $.40 per page (no free pages).

Staff are not able to provide instruction on these applications but can provide you with published tutorials and information on area classes and training.

What software is available?

Office 2007 Professional which includes: Word, Excel, Access and Power Point, Publisher, Adobe Photoshops Elements 7, PowerDVD, Windows Media Player and RealPlayer.

What storage devices can I use?
USB plug/play storage device.

What drive will my USB device connect to?
Usually the E drive , but occasionally you will connect to F or G drive.

How do I open a file?
Click File, then Open.  If using a USB device, select the D,E or F drive.

Can I open email attachments in Word or other Office formats?


How do I save a file?
Click File, then Save. Use the default location. If saving to a USB drive select the E or F drive. Remember to save your work frequently.


Is there a time limit on my use of Office XP?
Sessions are one hour. Internet use and Office use times are combined.


Can I save my document to the hard drive?


Will staff be able to assist in using the software?
No. Staff do not provide instruction on how to use the software. Staff will assist if there are technical problems.


How much is the printing?
Print charges are managed by the Internet Manager. The first 3 pages are free, $.15 per additional page. Color printing is also available for $.40 per page (no free pages).


Can I upload my file, such as a resume, to a web site or email account?
Yes, from a removable storage device.


Can I download a file?
Yes. Programs can not be installed on the computers.